Open by reservation only for the fall and spring months! Please call 705-649-5455 to book your spot.

Treetop Tours

michael storozukLooking for some adventure in your life that requires no previous experience? Well an adventure is waiting for you. Come play in the treetops for a couple of hours with friends, family, co-workers or that special someone.

The Treetop Tour will begin once you have successfully completed the ground level pre-climbing orientation. The pre-climbing orientation is similar to the idea of a “bunny course”; it will provide you with instruction and practice.

Be prepared to feel like a kid again, as laughter, and silliness is almost unavoidable. For some, the first few moments may entail conquering your fear of heights. Don’t fret, our guides and your buddy will support and encourage you.

The Treetop Tour is approximately 12-30 feet in the air and includes a jungle gym in the trees. You will climb rock walls, cross wobbly and flippy bridges, swinging logs, disappearing platforms, chop sticks, balance beams, tire obstacles and of course swing like Tarzan or Jane and much, much more. Each obstacle in the trees is identified as easy, intermediate or difficult….all difficult obstacles can be avoided (if you can take the razzing from your buddy). If “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE” then this is what the doctor ordered!

You must be 4 foot 6 inches tall (with shoes on) and weigh less than 275 pounds to play in the trees. The Treetop Course is Self-Guided, guides are on hand for supervision.

Moonlight-ToursMoonlight Treetop Tour

Navigate through the Aerial Games with the light of your Tika Headlamp!

Amazing just became Spectacular! Imagine the thrill and excitement you will experience as you navigate through the Treetop Tour with the light of your Tika Headlamp in the Moonlight? What a thrill!

Reservations of 6 or more participants are required.

All of our activities operate RAIN or SHINE. Only severe weather conditions such as, thunder, lightning, high winds and heavy down pours will temporarily close the courses. In the event that the Treetop Tour closes or if the participant has been waiting for over 1 hour, guests can receive a RAIN check or REFUND depending on how far the customer was on the course before it closed.