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Team Building

team-workThe ground level team building activities include a combination of physical and intellectual challenges that will include warm-ups and ice breaking activities to get the communication going and to encourage a positive and relaxed environment.

Treetop Adventures can bring Team Building to your location!

Our experiential team building can be enjoyed alone or in combination with Paintball or the Treetop Tour. The activities are fun and highly immersive, and often involve the use of props such as team skis, balance beams, pipe rolls, table size puzzles and mazes, four way tug of war, balls, hoops, ropes, blind folds, etc. The activities will progress to include group participation and communication. Success begins to rely on the team’s communication and creative problem solving abilities. The exercises encourage trust, delegation, decision making, organizing and defining of roles and team goals. Group discussions will follow each activity and will encourage participants to find out how they felt and what they experienced during the activity, and deeper probing allows the group to discover how these same experiences are felt in different settings. The learning value of each activity is multiplied through this effective, interactive training process.

There are a variety of experiential activities to choose from; however we guide you in selecting activities that will meet your objectives. Remember, our qualified guides can come to your workshop, meeting room, company picnic, or locker room and bring hours of team building activities that will entertain, energize, and strengthen your team at your location. Human Fuzeball, Low Ropes Courses, Spider Webs, Spin to Win Paintball Shootout and our Treetop Adventures Style Obstacle Course are just some of our ground level experiential team building options.

Human Fuzeball

Like the table game, the goal of Human Fuzeball is to make goals by kicking the ball into the opposing team’s net. Players must stay connected in rows of unbroken lines and stay between designated boundary lines. The game shows the importance of cooperation and respectful communication. Human Fuzeball is a game based on the skills, rules and strategies of soccer. A great bonding activity for groups whether corporate, for a birthday party, or perhaps it’s just time to get together and have some laughs with your friends or family.

Treetop Adventures Style Obstacle Course

If you are one of those people who watch the show “Survivor” and squirm because you want to dive into the television and participate too, then you need to encourage your friend, family, workplace, church, sports team,etc. to come on out and experience team building at its rarest and finest.

Spin 2 Win


Book the Spin 2 Win paintball shootout for your community event (Stag/Stagette, Community Fair, Corporate family event etc.) as it will draw in the crowd! Great for all ages!!!