Open by reservation only for the fall and spring months! Please call 705-649-5455 to book your spot.


Explore the trees with a treetop tour

Take the self guided Treetop Tour and explore an obstacle course that includes a Tarzan Swing, Burma hoops, an Island hop, the Earth Quake, Chop Sticks and much more, all strung between the trees.


An exciting way to team build!

We can help by encouraging the “Collective EGO” to be greater than the “Individual EGO”!

Treetop Adventures

With our very busy schedules we forget how important it is to let loose and have some fun. Come on out to Treetop Adventures and LIVE A LITTLE!

Treetop Adventures is an ecologically friendly tourist attraction, which offers a variety of exhilarating outdoor adventures. The initiative is to provide a place for families, friends, and colleagues to share some laughs, rejuvenate themselves, and enjoy the magical wonders of nature together.

There are several different packages available to suit your interests. You can spend an hour or a full day at Treetop Adventures. We have returning customers yearly because there are always changes, improvements and new attractions added throughout the park. Whether you are attending with friends, family or with a group, or if you are a youth or senior, one thing is guaranteed; you will leave with a memory that will have you laughing and smiling for years.